Thursday, November 26, 2009

I Am Thankful For...

  1. Life: Thank you, God, for my life, for every breath that I take, for keeping me alive in spite of it all.
  2. Family: Thank you to my mom, my dad, my sister, Jasmine, Abuela, Abuelo and all of my family members who support me, love me and often give outstanding advice. I love you.
  3. Girl Friends: Thank you to all of my girl friends. I have beautiful, talented girl friends who have impacted my life in ways that they may not ever know and in ways they do know. I love you, Naima, Krystal, Janene, Maria, Jennise, Leslie and everyone who cares about my well-being. Thank you for supporting me during my spoken word performances, for giving me money and food when I am broke, for reaching out to me when I disappear, for coming to my house when I don't want to leave it, for taking me out for my birthdays, for thinking of me and missing me when we are far apart, for reading my writing and for giving me constructive not cutting criticism, for cooking for me, for sharing your dreams and goals and passions with me, for encouraging me and affirming me, for laughing and talking with me, for comforting me, for giving me kisses and hugs, and for not making fun of my laugh, my clothes, my glasses or my weight.
  4. Guy Friends: Thank you to all of my guy friends for the fun times, great conversation and laughter. You know who you are. A special shout out to David who has been a great source of support. Thank you for sticking by me through all of the shit I've been through. Thank you to all the men who have never taken advantage of me.
  5. Food: Thank you, God, for food that sustains me, for food that I could not live without. Hershey's, thank you for making SKOR.
  6. Writing: Thank you, God, for blessing me with a talent for writing. Please help me to use it wisely. Writing has been my friend, my savior, my refuge.
  7. Music: Thank you, Music, for being there to lift me up, cheer me and comfort me. Thank you for helping me have fun and get through work!
  8. Internet: Thank you, Internet, for providing me with entertainment, social networking sites, intriguing articles and lots of random information. Thank you, Google, for helping me find the answers to my questions. Thank you, Blogger, for providing me with the space to share my photographs, poetry and random thoughts.
  9. Assholes: Thank you to all of the assholes who were and are in my life. Without you, I would never be the person I am today. Because of you, I am stronger, I am wiser and I am more secure in who I am.
  10. Pretty Scents: Incense, candles, perfumes, body sprays and air fresheners, thank you for making my life less stinky.
This post was inspired by Krystal's post, "Today I Am Thankful For." Check out Krystal's Life Happenings.


  1. i am very thankful for you! and thankful that you have so much to thankful for, despite the challenges posed by life... on the regular.

  2. I am thankful for so many of the same things, including the people who have tried to bring me down: as you said, without victimizers victims would not have to be so strong.