Thursday, November 26, 2009

Anthem of Our Dying Day

I have been listening to Anthem of Our Dying Day, an old song by Story of the Year, on repeat for the past three hours, thinking of college and Naima who taught me to love rock music and performances. The lyrics are beautifully haunting and emotionally expressive: I am looking to lines such as "The stars will cry / The blackest tears tonight" as possible inspiration for the songs I am going to write someday; and I especially love the way in which Dan Marsala's agonized, wailing voice does the anguished verses justice.

From up here the city lights burn
Like a thousand miles of fire
And I'm here to sing this anthem
Of our dying day

Krystal and Naima, let's get started on this band. Where's my tambourine?


  1. but you said that the tambourine is too churchy ;[

    i miss you and love when you blog. even when i dont comment, im stalking it! lol.

    i especially love to read it when im not around you, cause its like a jar of Xiomara preserves. lol i can have the same wonderful Xiomara on the go and out of season. lol <3 love you.

  2. I never thought I'd say this to anyone, but Thank you for stalking me! And making me feel special.

    And what a great simile- "like a jar of Xiomara preserves" :D

    I love you too babe. <3

  3. ha ha Xiomara preserves... sweet and treasured! only getting better with the age...

    I like this song by Story of the Year as well. Sometimes, I like putting on a song and writing a vignette/poem influenced by the "mood" of the song, the sorts of images evokes, etc....

    I wonder what kind of stuff you'd come up with if you tried this exercise.

    Also, get that tambourine, girl.

    Our show is going on the road.

  4. This is actually one of my favorite songs ever, and given that my tastes usually run very mainstream that's sort of atypical.

    I'll have to record an a capella version of this and post it to my blog.