Thursday, October 22, 2009

Experiences Near-Death

The video clip below shows a male pedestrian running for his life across a street in Russia. Every time I watch it, I am stunned that he missed death by a bus by an inch. And my heart still feels anxious. At the same time, it is really not all that surprising to me, given the number of near-death experiences I have had and seen involving vehicles in New York City.

Any of my friends can affirm this fact: I am TERRIFIED of moving vehicles. I will run instead of walk across a street, three bags in tow, even when I see headlights over a block away. I do it because I know people, like my uncle, who speed up purposely to force people who are crossing against the light to literally run for their lives; and I'd rather run earlier than later. In spite of my so-called preventative measure, I have had dozens of bus and car and truck drivers shake their heads at me, upset that I almost died under their wheels and admonishing me for my foolishness. And every time, my terror of moving vehicles grows.

The way I see it- not only do some New Yorkers not pay attention when they're crossing the street, many New Yorkers simply think that they are invincible and will play a near-death game with drivers on purpose. I want to advise people and myself to be careful, to only cross when you are supposed to and to always pay attention.

As you watch the clip, check to make sure you are breathing. Relief will come.

Share your stories of near-death experiences by vehicle below!

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