Sunday, October 25, 2009

XioMari Rocks

So Krystal (Mari) and I are in Orange County in Nueva York, and it is so orange and yellow and red and leafy quiet and rainy up here. I feel like I have some peace of mind finally.

Getting out of NYC is so important - a stuffy dark apartment and rained upon concrete is rarely more exciting than bright swirling leaves and a roomy home.

For example, if I had never left my apartment, I would have never seen a house with a railroad car outside of it!

And since it's October and Halloween is upcoming, there are pretty pumpkins everywhere!

Yesterday, Krystal's mom took me, Krystal and Krystal's younger sister to Charlotte's Tea Room in Warrick. Here's the sign:

It felt very strange to eat at a restaurant that is a house. And all the banks around here are such pretty houses too! Much cooler than the banks in the Bronx.

Does it not look pretty from the outside? At Charlotte's, Krystal ordered Turkey and Cream Cheese sandwiches with cranberry chutney. We didn't like it. Well, Krystal did until she saw the chutney.

But the Paris tea was great! And we had a chamomile-lemon scone and some fun little cheesecake bites. And I liked the raspberry vinaigrette. Twas fun!

Thank you, Krystal and Krystal's mommy.
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  1. I'm glad you had such a good time in Orange County. These pictures are lovely. Tea parties and autumn leaves sound like a good relief from the grind of city life. It is not the same, but maybe there is a way to enjoy these things here - despite the rain and gray mornings.

  2. Thank you! Yes, tea is always a fantastic relief from frustration.