Sunday, September 13, 2009

Esto es Mi Cuerpo

My eyes are like banana bruises, dark and soft
My hair is a heavy dirt road leading to la finca
My mouth is like a sudden earthquake
waiting to rumble through homes
My nose is my daddy and the dictator of my face
My skin is like a canvas for emerging artists
My smile is an opal, a tiger lily, a disguise
My tears are enemies who could really be good friends
My laugh is my trumpet call, my nervousness, my grace
My hands are like hyper yorkies, small and restless
My fists are two unabashed virgins
My legs are my companions, carrying me from street to street
My feet are like betrayal, shaming me
cuando estoy bailando salsa
I am a one-way mirror - walk through
this door to see another part of me

*Written 9/12/2009; needs revision*
Copyright Xiomara A. Maldonado 2009


  1. i love this poem. i especially love the line about your hair being a dirt road that leads to the finca. good job, sweetie.